Anne (mama0807) wrote,

Good week and weekend. On Weds a few of the girls went out to dinner. One of the mothers is moving out of the area and we wanted to take her out for her last day as a Saint Andrew mom. Of course, we will still get together with her and her boys.
On Friday, we met up at a friends house with spouses and kids in tow for food, drinks, and snores by the fire. Us adults sat around munching on goodies and drinking beer and cocktails and chatting while the kids decided to entertain themselves in the sprinkler and then having a little powwow of their own inside eating fudgsicles, playing board games, computer games, and with toys, and giving the kitties a scritch.
I took Meghan to the Farmers Market for Kids Dayyesterday. Tony was teaching so we walked. Not long after we had arrived and were visiting the cockatoos, the skies opened up. Ran across the street to the Dollar Tree and bought the only emergency rain poncho. I gave it to her to wear. It cleared up soon after and we had a nice time at the market.

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