Anne (mama0807) wrote,

Not much happening lately. I have been working very hard getting the house in order and it is starting to show. I want it to look nice by the time Meghan's birthday party rolls around, even though I am not having it until the end of August. I decided just to have it here. Nothing big. I invited two of her friends, and immediate family. And we will keep it very simple in terms of food and things to do. Lots of time to plan. My house will never be perfect but nobody who I have invited cares about that. I make a point to not surround myself with uptight, judgmental assholes.
Last Tuesday after her tutoring session Meghan and I went bowling and to lunch with a classmate, her classmate's younger brother, and their mom, who I am close to. It was nice. Lots of fun. She did not have tutoring today and I have slacked a bit on having her keep up with her schoolwork.
We also need to get back on a good routine. Right now it sucks.

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