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Well, I had a fun weekend. The downsides were missing skating on Saturday and church on Sunday. But we will deal.
First, we were heading to the skating rink as usual on Saturday morning but traffic was afu due to a number of factors. And once we discovered that there was no way to make the lesson in time we decided to stop at California Tortilla to grab a bite before heading back out of the city to drop Meghan off at my grandmother's. She was watching Meghan while Tony and I listened to Zahi Hawass give a lecture at the Penn Museum of Archaelogy. This of course meant another ride into the city but by then traffic had tapered off. We enjoyed the lecture very much.
We actually got to the museum earlier than necessary so we got drinks in the cafe and then got a book for Hawass to sign for us and bought a book on the Ancient Egyptians for Meghan before going to hear the lecture.
Later in the evening we dropped Meghan off at a friend's and went to dinner at Argana. Then he had some family stuff to take care of. Meghan wound up spending the night at her friend's and did really well! Baby's first night away from home! Tony picked her up the next morning and there was just no time to get ready for church. So we skipped it.
I went out with my girlfriends in the evening for a wine tasting and then dinner. This was the first wine tasting I ever went to. They are so much fun! While I was there, Meghan had another playdate at a different friend's but only a brief one since Tony was taking her to see his mom.
It really was a nice weekend.

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