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The four day holiday was decent. We took advantage of the fact that all three of us were off on Friday and visited the Franklin Institute for a day of fun and education. The main reason for this visit was to see the "One Day in Pompeii" exhibit and we enjoyed it. It is always neat seeing items from antiquity up close. There was a couple interactive aspects of the Pompeii exhibit as well. And then we explored the rest of the museum. Of course, a trip to the Franklin Institute is not complete without going through the Giant Heart!
Saturday was her skating lesson. Not sure why, but she fell down several times. We didn't stick around too long after the lesson because we had plans and he needed to get something for the truck, which he didn't find until later in the day. So we wound up at Eakin's Oval for their Farm Fest. It was okay. We missed some of it. There were lots of food trucks there. We had mac and cheese for lunch. Interesting combos. They put potato chips on it, which I liked. Meghan did not but she ate some of her lunch. She and I split a chocolate peanut butter cupcake for dessert. I tried a Rye IPA. Very interesting. Had a citrus/grapefruit taste. Reminded me a lot of what I had to drink at the Kite and Key. We also got to pet some little farm animals. Calves and lambs are so cute! And soft. And cuddly.
I took Meghan to church on Sunday. She was a bit bummed that there was no Sunday School and fidgeted too much so I let her go to the play area in the back of the church so I and my pew mates could listen to the service in relative peace. The kids had an Easter egg hunt and then we decorated the front cross on the front lawn with paper flowers made by the Sunday School kids. Dinner was at my aunt and uncle's. Burgers, ham, deviled eggs, potato salad, fruit and veggie trays, and light dessert. Pretty casual. Another easter egg hunt. I now have tons of empty easter eggs which I am putting away until next year.

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