Anne (mama0807) wrote,

Another nice weekend. Skating lesson in the morning (lesson went so-so. Everyone seemed off a bit for some reason) and then we tried out a different Mexican restaurant called Las Margaritas that Tony and Meghan had gone to before, but I hadn't. So good. I ended up having two margaritas, which gave me a nice buzz but were the best margaritas I have ever had.
Tony dropped Meghan and I off at home so he could stop by a local Sci Fi convention and I was going to take Meghan to a friend's birthday party after a nap.
So I dropped her off at her friend's house for the party. 24 little girls and 1 little boy because the birthday girl has a little brother. I didn't stick around (incidentally, this is Babby's First Party Without Mommy Or Daddy Staying) but it seemed to be a good party. They were hitting a pinata when I arrived. They also made a craft. Most of the kids went back home after, but the core group of kids and parents stayed after and hung out for a bit. Tony came and met up with us all later. So us adults stood around talking and drinking and eating while the kids entertained themselves. A nice day, all in all.
Today Meghan and I went to church. She had Sunday School. Nothing really to report there.

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