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Meghan had a half day on Friday due to faculty meetings so my grandmother came over for a visit. We made sandwiches and hung out and chatted and caught up. She had not been up to see us since November and the last time we did get together was Christmas at my sister's house. Meghan read her library book to us.
My grandmother brought me two bags full of books and Monopoly Jr for Meghan. The kid is obsessed! She loves it! We play multiple times a day.
She had two not so good days at school last week but it turned out she was not feeling well. Sinus headache and no need to keep her home. She slept lots Tuesday afternoon when she got home from school and all night Tuesday (managing to somehow get homework done and eat two french fries in there) and was totally fine Weds morning.
Skating continues to go well. We agree that if she is happy and making progress with this, we will not pursue any other sports or athletics. The XC schedule I think was a bit hard on her, hindsight being 20/20. We will still support the CYO because they do a good thing but our support will be behind the scenes, donating money and such. I just don't think that organized sports are the right fit for Meghan. But she did her season of XC and deserves props for that.
She is getting new skates! Tony ordered them from the rink Saturday! Should arrive there in a couple of weeks and then he will pick them up!

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