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It has been a lovely weekend. I went to the annual fundraiser at Meghan's school and had a great time drinking and eating and dancing with my friends. The theme was Fat Friday so we all got masks and had our pictures taken in a photo booth and had loads of fun.
Meghan had her skating lesson yesterday for the first time in two weeks. She was missed. Once again we did not go to church today and we will not go there next Sunday because we have plans. Plans are part of why we missed previous services, as well as weather.
I took Meghan to the Y for a school friend's pool party. She enjoyed herself. I am so happy she has made friends (and so have I). She got along with kids at pre school and camp but there were no connections outside of school. And same here. The parents just did not get together the way my friends and I do now.
Last Saturday because we were missing skating and Tony was working, I took Meghan bowling and out for pizza. For a while, we were the only ones in the place. There is nothing creepier than an empty bowling alley. It is dark and all you hear is the ball rolling down the lanes and the pins falling over. I have been in haunted buildings that were less creepy. Anyway, it was fun to get some mother-daughter time.
Last Sunday we went on the public walking tour of the USS Somerset and it was really neat. Even old Meghan had a good time. She hated waiting in the long line but who can blame her for that?


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