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Meghan's shiner is healing nicely. I am hoping it will be most of the way cleared up by the weekend when we are out of town. I have backed off Motrin and ice as she really does not seem to need it, although I did give her some Motrin the other day because she was griping about the eye.
We have not been to church in a few weeks for a variety of reasons. We won't be there this coming Sunday, either. Also, Meghan is going to miss the next two skating lessons.
We tried Meghan on rental skates Saturday and frankly, she just did not do well on them. The wheels are rink only and she is used to all-terrain wheels. But she had been having trouble doing cross overs so we tried the rentals with smaller wheels. She regressed and it made no difference. Turned out she was just scared of falling. So she has started to practice cross overs at home on the carpet and she can do it on the larger wheeled skates. So then I will roll the carpet up and she can keep at it.
She still cannot tie shoes. I am working with her on this. She also still has some trouble using scissors.
She is working on a friendship project for Valentine's Day at school and will be doing another book report. The theme for the report is friends or friendship. She is doibg The Fox and The Hound.
I volunteered to send a treat in for their Valentine's Day party. I may bake sugar cookies.
I guess I better trudge up there today so they can have "catechism". I am not going up for recess.
I am selling Avon. Got a website and FB page up and running. I think I may do okay with this. I aim to do most of my business online but I will pass out brochures. Also I got my tax return (direct deposit) and I am relieved.

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