Anne (mama0807) wrote,

What wonderful weather. Once again school is closed. The principal has so far rescinded four previously scheduled days off to use as replacements and I guess we will be adding at least one more. So they will be in school on President's Day and a few other off days. I like this better than having them go in the summer. But overall it sucks.
It is only raining now but branches are coming down and people are losing power.
Yesterday Meghan had an accident. She ran into the wall and sustained a black eye, minor lac and scrapes on her face. Did not require an ER trip but I have been icing it and giving her Motrin. Poor baby. In this regard, I am glad she has no school. It will take awhile for the bruise to heal completely but she had no signs and symptoms of concussion, and ice and Motrin helped. No blood loss, no LOC, so no need for medical treatment. I think I trust my husband on this, kwim?
So that is that.

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