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More and more job apps being put out there. Someone should bite soon, right? But I received my final paycheck from Deals today and that is going in the bank. I have also filed my taxes and that is being direct deposited. So I'll have something but I want to regularly have something. Sucks being broke but I chose my dignity and self-worth.
Meghan wound up out of school the past three days. Monday was already an off day because it was MLK day and Tuesday and Weds were snow days. She went at the regular time today. She turned in her book report and snowman project today. They have to read their reports aloud and tell how they made their snowman. She practiced a lot at home.
It seems to be getting better outside. The roads are good and sidewalks are ok. But we made out okay getting to the bus stop this morning even if some people on this street do a shit job shoveling! Also made out okay taking care of an errand but I only had to go a couple of blocks. So not bad today at all. I have had my fill of this weather..
So I suppose I should be productive at some point today.

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