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Our two days of Halloween fun has come to an end. Yesterday we took Meghan to my grandmother's so she could see Meghan in her Rainbow Dash costume (My Little Pony) and my grandmother and I took her to see my niece's school parade (she was Wonder Woman). We had dinner at Chick Fil A and had our picture taken with the cow. I took Meghan trick or treating then we went to a party at a friend's house. I was a cat and Tony was Henry the 8th. This evening Meghan donned her costume and and I took her to our church's first All Hallow's prayer service, the kids processed in their costumes and presented their pumpkins. Then there was a reading of the Witch of Endor. I think it was supposed to be serious but the priest cracked up in the middle.


First of all I don't know why my child felt the need to wake up-and wake me up-at 7 am on a Saturday. 8 is sufficient.
But whatever.
Skating lessons started again. She's pretty rusty.
We went to the John Heinz Wildlife Sanctuary after lunch and dinner was at the Greek Festival at St Luke's Greek Orthodox Church. Best one of the Greek fairs, I think. Lots of fun stuff, and the food is the best of all the ones we have been to.

Took Meghan to the Reading Terminal Market for their first annual Pa Dutch Festival and enjoyed food, music, carriage rides, pony rides, and petting farm animals.



The little love bug turns 7 today!


Mini Vacation

Our little weekend getaway was wonderful! Toured Fort McHenry, spent lots of time swimming, and went out to eat! We had a great time! But, all that activity caught up with a certain little girl at Cracker Barrel this afternoon when we stopped for lunch.


Good week and weekend. On Weds a few of the girls went out to dinner. One of the mothers is moving out of the area and we wanted to take her out for her last day as a Saint Andrew mom. Of course, we will still get together with her and her boys.
On Friday, we met up at a friends house with spouses and kids in tow for food, drinks, and snores by the fire. Us adults sat around munching on goodies and drinking beer and cocktails and chatting while the kids decided to entertain themselves in the sprinkler and then having a little powwow of their own inside eating fudgsicles, playing board games, computer games, and with toys, and giving the kitties a scritch.
I took Meghan to the Farmers Market for Kids Dayyesterday. Tony was teaching so we walked. Not long after we had arrived and were visiting the cockatoos, the skies opened up. Ran across the street to the Dollar Tree and bought the only emergency rain poncho. I gave it to her to wear. It cleared up soon after and we had a nice time at the market.


Couldn't get the park because I am not a resident of the township it is in. We are having a bowling party instead.



Nope, no church. I reckon if God is omnipotent, he sees what I am doing anyway so I doubt he is really all that impressed about my church attendance. He can always go on FB if he is that concerned about my belief in him.
She and I went out to the playground with school friends (hers and mine) and the kids played while the moms sat and chatted.
While we were there a birthday party was heading out so I started thinking it would be nice to have Meghan's party there. So I dropped the parks and rec folks a line to get info.


Jul. 20th, 2014

What a nice weekend. Went bowling and out for ice cream Friday night with the same people we had gone with before. Made an appearance today at my nephew and sister's joint high school graduation party. Yes, I have teenage siblings. We only stayed for about an hour and a half, give or take, then had to leave. Tony went to the mountain.
Hopefully church tomorrow! Missed two weeks in a row.


Whoever reported me to FB for "nudity and pornography" for this picture of my SIX YEAR OLD in her underpants needs to have their head bounced off concrete. What breasts does a six year old have? Would a picture of a topless six year old boy in his underpants get reported? No, I doubt that! I hope this sperm residue grows a set and steps to me about this.


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